About myself

Hello, I’m Marta!

I love to travel and discover new places around the world. I have been only to a few locations around Europe ( Ireland, England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Spain). However, I’m planning my big adventure for the summer. I’d like to go to South Asia and do a volunteer project in Bali, Indonesia. While I’m there, I’m researching and planning to visit Malaysia, Singapore and some other islands in Indonesia. Nothing is certain! 🙂  I have decided to travel solo as I’m tired of waiting for my perfect travel buddy.

Then, this blog will be about my solo travel journey to South Asia along with some planning and other trips I’ve done and tips I could give you for those thinking of venturing solo.

Besides, I’m vegan. Then, I will be exploring whether it is easy to eat vegan in South Asia and other locations such as Mallorca (Spain) as that’s where I live.