My tip for easy vegan travel

Will you be travelling soon? Are you vegan?  Travelling to a new country which you don’t know anything about its food may be a little stressful for us, vegans. You may think: what will I eat? Will I find plant-based food restaurants? Will I finish up eating fried chips during my holidays?

Yes, fried chips are vegan (normally, the exception would be when they are fried in animal oil, disgusting right?). However, eating chips a few days in a row is not very healthy, you might arrive home with a few extra kilograms.

That’s why I recommend to check HappyCow before you leave your home. Just download the app (only free for android users) or type

I always check their web page as the app is not free for apple users (it’s almost 5 euros,which I find excessive and annoying).

How to use HappyCow?

Very easy. 🙂

  1. Type your location. I’m going this weekend to Barcelona, so I’ve just typed Barcelona.

    HappyCow search button
  2. Press search and you’ll find all vegan and vegetarian options and a map in your desired location. Here’s an example: imageIn Barcelona, HappyCow found 274 results. A great city for vegans, indeed! 🙂
  3. You can filter your options: vegan? vegetarian? veg-options? stores? I have clicked on vegan only, so now I know there are 20 vegan restaurants in Barcelona! Still quite good.
  4. Press in a particular restaurant. You’ll find a summary of what the resturant offers, its location, telephone and timetable, food photos and some reviews. Here’s an example:imageI have clicked on Catbar, a cat-themed bar. I think I’ve clicked on that one because of its name cat. Who doesn’t like cats? They’re so cute.  In this page, you can see thay they offer vegan burgers, their location and telephone number. Their reviews are just down these photos. Reviews are so handy if you’d like to have a perfect lunch meal.

HappyCow can also be used for people who have an interest in trying different types of food. Let’s face it: veganism is not about giving up, it is about love and trying new delicious plant-based possibilities in our cuisine, which would surprise even a meat eater. When I first went vegan, I was surprised at how tasty vegan food can be. Besides, it’s cruelty-free which makes it even greater.

Then, are you interested in trying vegan food? If you’re already vegan, do you use this app? or how do you survive when travelling? Let me know in the comments. ☺️

I hope you liked the post and I look forward to your feedback,


Marta 😀


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