New on my bucket list!


I was just scrolling down my facebook while I came across a video about a pink lake. Yes, you read right! A pink lake! 😉

I thought: is this real? You know, many things on the web are just false. I’ve researched and happily it exists.

There are two pink lakes in Western Australia. One is the Lake Hillier which is offshore on the Middle Island, part of the Recherche Archipelago. This island is near Esperance coast. The island is completely virgin and its lake is surrounded by jungle. I think the best way to see the lake is by helicopter. Imagine the contrast of colours up from the sky: blue, pink and green! The perfect instagram picture! A breathtaking view not to be missed for sure 😀

Ohhh, look at the pic 😉

A must see


They say it’s pink for the high levels of salt. But, it remains a mystery. Let it be a mystery! I prefer mystery.

The other one is called Pink Lake, just 7km away from Esperance.

To visit the lakes, go to Esperance which is 720km away from Pert. Then, ladies take your camaras and let’s take some selfies there!

These two lakes now are on my bucket list. I hope I can see these astonishing natural heritage soon. It’s not something we can experience every day!

Have you heard of these lakes? Would you like to go?

I can’t wait for your answers. Happy travelling!


Marta 😀


  1. How beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, and this definitely adds to the reason why. I will make sure to add this location to my bucket list, too.


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