From Cala en Turqueta to Cala Galdana, Menorca (Spain)


Love to walk in nature?

Then, take the Cami de Cavalls route from Cala en Turqueta to Cala Galdana. I recommend this path to beginners as it’s almost flat. Besides, you can’t get lost as there are hundreds of sticks telling you the way. Along the way, you’ll find virgin beaches, green landscapes, some goats, caves… A breathtaking scenery! The last stop, Cala Galdana, is a urbanised town but still very nice. Not many hotels and still very green (check the pictures 😉 )

Cala Galdana’s beach
Cala Galdana’s harbour

What’s more, this path is perfect for disconnecting of our stressful busy lifes. Being in nautre and breathing fresh air is super good to relax. Besides, Menorca is a very quiet island!

Start the route in Cala en Turqueta. I strongly recommend to rent a car in Menorca because the public transport is not good.   (,3.9126363,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x12be1d48dc713891:0x6ab59a423ab2504d!8m2!3d39.9310593!4d3.9148662

When you get in Cala en Turqueta, just turn left and pass by the beach and you’ll find the Cami de Cavall path!


Level of hiking: easy

Distance: around 10 km (to go and come back)

Have any of you done this hike? 😀

I hope you liked my post and keep exploring,


Marta 🙂

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